In an increasingly technological society, ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness’ appear to be the buzzwords of all growing businesses. The Real Estate realm is no different as it seeks to meet the demands of buying and selling across states, maximising time, and attracting new buyers, sellers and investors.

Although the notion of physically attending a house inspection may appear exciting, the romance of this event is greatly reduced with the hassle of attending more and more inspections, week after week, and still not finding that perfect property. The tech-savvy buyers of today are moving away from newspaper advertisements and face-to-face meetings, towards the ease of virtual inspections and live-streamed auctions. With apps available on phones for value appraisals, inspections and more, buyers and sellers are buzzing at increasing opportunities to access information quickly.

With marketing being a very large aspect of real estate, new technologies are streamlining the process and allowing a broader market to view advertisements. Moving away from the business card era, various software’s allow for inbound leads to be calculated and found as quickly as possible, without the need for constant phone calls and meetings. The rise of social media, is further generating a more efficient means of advertisement, and specifically and conveniently targets the locality of the buyer.

With buyers striving for that dream property, the ability to utilise shop alerts to receive marketing notifications to your phone, allows a prospective buyer to only be shown certain properties that meet their needs – or maybe you just want to keep tabs on those $8million mansions just in case the lottery goes your way.

Ease and efficiency are clearly leading the emergence of the technological era, but many are worried that this will be to the detriment of personal interaction and support. Although new technologies may appear impersonal, real estate marketing is only continuing to evolve and improve to the extent where realtors can effectively complete a marketing campaign and hence alert you to a possible property within minutes, simply from their phone or computer. Agents will have to exercise care to ensure that communication and client satisfaction are met, rather than simply relying on the facelessness that can occur through technology.

Worried or confused about how to use this technology to help you? Simply get in contact with your agent – they, like the technology, won’t bite.

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