Why a Licensed Conveyancer Matters: The Dangers of Inexperience in Selling Property

Why a Licensed Conveyancer Matters:

It seems you always find individuals who think they know about a subject, yet really don’t know as much as they think. Sometimes you’ll find people who think they understand the legalities of selling property, yet don’t have thorough legal education. While it’s true you can self-educate yourself, real certification and experience count.

One area where you occasionally see people work alone is conveyancing when buying or selling property. These individuals often think they can save money working on their own to navigate the legal complexities of vendor’s agreements and sale contracts.

You may think you can act as your own advocate while selling your home, or transferring property. In reality, not being a licensed conveyancer or lawyer can lead to severe problems.

The world of buying, selling, and transferring property is a very protracted one. It’s mandatory to have complete knowledge about the latest laws and procedures. Without knowing, you set yourself up for costly¬†mistakes, which can lead to lawsuits.

Here’s some examples why you need to hire a licensed lawyer ot conveyancer to avoid expenses in fixing legal mistakes.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Conveyancing By Yourself

One real good reason for not doing conveyancing alone is you may not have professional indemnity insurance. It’s easy to overlook this if you think you have complete conveyancing knowledge and can take on all paperwork.

Keep in mind if something goes wrong, all the responsibility falls on your shoulders. Just one mistake in the vendor’s agreement or contract of sale could force a buyer to sue you for breach of contract. As we all know, it costs more to go to court than it does for most other services.

In other words, if you’re not completely sure in your conveyancing abilities, don’t take a risk with your own reputation or expenses. Dealing with lawsuits can devastate you financially, simply because you didn’t put in more care when selling your house.

All of this applies if you’re buying a house as well. Without a licensed conveyancer being your advocate, you may end up with a home containing more issues than promised. Much of this comes in the vendor’s agreement that lists any financial or repair issues the house has.


Is Your Lawyer or Conveyancer Fully Licensed for Legal Work?

What might confuse you here is two different types of conveyancers exist. You’ll find independent ones who work under the singular title, and then others who work as solicitors with the conveyancer moniker.

It’s worth noting those with no legal background are far more limited in what they can do for you. If they’re licensed, they can still become useful based on what you need done in your property transfer.

For instance, a conveyancer who isn’t a lawyer could still deal in the basic procedures of house sales. They can also work on your behalf to communicate with the buyer on specific requests. In fact, these conveyancers often represent your interest in vendors or their real estate agents if you’re buying a new home.

Nevertheless, a conveyancer with legal background guides you through the complexities of contracts and agreements. Since language is so important in these documents, consider hiring someone with at least some legal knowledge.

Licensed conveyancer

Home for sale.

Finding Licensing Information Online

As you vet your short list of possible conveyancers, you can use various sources to determine if they’re truly licensed. The main source many use is the public register of conveyancers. Through this site, you’ll have a complete list throughout Australia citing proper certification. This list has enough detail where you’ll see what license type the person has, their address, the state where they practice, and their license conditions.

Another good site is the public licensing register. If you’re not sure if the conveyancer you hired is legally registered to do work on your behalf, this site can scope them out quickly.

Through the Consumer and Business Practices site, you’ll find ways to search for public assurances. Using this source, you’ll know whether the conveyancer you’ve chosen has a bad track record for breaches. If they’ve been reported here for a recent contract breach, you’ll know they aren’t worth your time so you can move on.

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