How to Choose a Conveyancing Lawyer You Can Trust: Things to Check for When Researching

How to Choose a Conveyancer?

Perhaps you’ve realised recently that dealing with property issues isn’t something you can navigate well on your own. If you’re in the middle of selling a house, buying a house, or transferring property to a family member, the legalities are tremendous. Even if you’ve studied some of the legalities about property, you won’t have full knowledge like a lawyer or conveyancer has.

Learning how to choose a conveyancer can become overwhelming considering how many exist in Australia. With some guidance, you can find the right one for your particular property transaction.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you’ll need a conveyancer. In every property transaction, there will be a lawyer on each side, one representing the buyer and one representing the seller.┬áTypically, the conveyancer from the buyer side checks the seller’s vendor statement to assure accuracy.

To find a quality conveyancer like this, where do you turn? You have some things to look at while vetting.

Asking About Fees and Charges

All conveyancers are going to charge a fee, and you need to know what you’ll have to pay. By interviewing numerous candidates, you can find one best suiting your budget. However, keep in mind some might add unexpected fees if they don’t follow a proper code of ethics.

The above scenario may occur if the conveyancer you hire has no legal background. They may have to hire a lawyer themselves to properly create a contract of sale and vendor’s agreement. If they do hire an attorney, it’s going to cost them money. This means they’ll charge you a fee for the service.


Asking About Additional Service Costs

Sometimes your conveyancer has to do extra duties to assure the proper preparation of documents during your house sale. In one example, they may have to include more items on the vendor’s agreement if the buyer’s conveyancer wants more clarity.

Unexpected things could come up as well like snags in the settlement process. Legal conveyancers have unlimited scope in what they can do, so anything unexpected can become resolved with poise. Just ask to place in writing what you’ll actually pay so you don’t end up with disputes.

Be sure to contact Consumer and Business Services if you need help understanding your contract with the conveyancer. Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions, though, including requesting further explanation on things you’re unsure about.

how to choose conveyancer

Young couple meeting with a female conveyancer at her office.

Asking How the Conveyancer Communicates With Their Clients

Just like any attorney, you’re going to stay in contact with a conveyancer when going through the property sale process. You need to know how they’re going to keep in contact with you so you’re never in the dark.

The best conveyancers are going to keep in touch through mobile devices so you can communicate with one another in real-time. Find out how well they’ve communicated with past clients.

This is why you should consult with family or friends first about who they’ve used for conveyancing services. Experiences from others can tell you everything you need to know.

It’s even possible to search for the best conveyancers in the industry through the AIC website.

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