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Do I need to engage with a local lawyer for my conveyancing job?

This is a question that we get asked every day by our clients, and it is a very good question to ask.

Strictly speaking the answer is no. You do not need to engage with the lawyer that is right around the corner from where you live or where you are purchasing property, for the following key reasons.

Firstly, it is important that the lawyer is not only licensed and insured to practice law in your state, but also has the relevant and recent experience in dealing with your particular matter. For example, your lawyer having recent and relevant experience to deal with a spousal transfer in Western Australia ensures that the matter is dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. And, being licensed and insured in the state  that your property is located in means that you, and your lawyer are protected.

Secondly, the vast majority of the work in the lead up to settlement can be done remotely. By this we simply mean through the use of standard technology such as email and mobile phone. The lawyers at Titlexchange™ converse with the vast majority of their clients and the other parties (financial institutions, solicitors and Land Title offices) via the phone. The transferring of documents such as Contracts of Sale and utility bills are done through email or online portals.

Furthermore, the introduction of electronic signature platforms (such as Docusign), means that a legal firm can now email a client important documents (such as the Client Authority Form) and have them digitally signed in an online and secure environment. This saves a large amount of time versus standard postal methods which can now take more than one working week to return signed documents back to the legal firm.

Thirdly, the Verification of Identity (VOI) process can now be done remotely. Clients are required to verify their identity to their lawyer or conveyancer and traditionally they would do this by either coming into the law firm or by going to the local Post Office. Now, with technologies such as Facetime, Video Messenger and other identification technologies, identification of a client can be done in minutes rather than having to allocate half a day to the task.

Finally, settlement traditionally occurs in a physical settlement room where your lawyer or settlement agent is present on the day to effect settlement. However, the introduction of a platform called PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) means that settlements can now be digital if both sides to the transaction agree to use it. The results are significant, including the vendor receiving their funds instantaneously and great efficiencies being achieved by all parties.

Titlexchange’s™ use of all these methods and technologies is how we’re able to offer very competitive pricing across our various conveyancing packages.

When you are weighing up which legal firm or conveyancing clerk to use, don’t think just about proximity to your property. Think about how efficient and easy it will make your life when you engage with a lawyer that strives to get you to settlement in the most smooth and effective way possible.

Speak to Titlexchange™ today about our conveyancing packages and online settlement options. We are licensed to operate all across Australia and have lawyers on the ground in every state. Therefore it doesn’t matter whether you are located in a metro suburb or remote inland farm. Healy

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