A source of ready-to-go conveyancing clients that we assign to conveyancers just like you.

The Titlexchange Conveyancing Marketplace is an online, transparent and centralised platform that connects conveyancers to customers Australia wide.

You have probably encountered difficulty acquiring consumers, gathering the data required to begin work seamlessly and complying with recent verification of identity requirements.

Titlexchange provides our conveyancing community with ready-to-go clients that have paid, been on-boarded and had identifications verified allowing you to get on with the conveyancing and nothing else. Forget about sales and marketing – let Titlexchange do the hard yards and you focus on your profession.

Plus, we pay you at key milestones along the conveyancing journey – that means you don’t have to wait until settlement to recoup your costs. You simply charge any disbursements direct to the client.

It makes sense right?

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Check out what Nancie Hu from Royal Partners Solicitors has to say about the benefits of using the Titlexchange platform.

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