Titlexchange API specifications.

This page outlines the capabilities, requests and responses from the Titlexchange Partner API (“the API”).

This API allows partners to integrate and send leads via the API.

The API also allows partners to receive job statuses (once a lead gets converted to a job) and documents relating to relevant jobs as necessary.

End points

UAT: https://uat.aws.lawandco.com.au/api/partner/
LIVE: https://convey.lawandco.com.au/api/partner/
UAT endpoint can be accessed after connecting to OpenVPN at
username and password will be supplied during integration for UAT.
Supported Protocols

JSON is supported over HTTPS.


The API authenticates requests using Basic Authentication over HTTPS. That means all requests need an “Authorization” header, with the “Basic” scheme and a base-64 encoded string of API Key, a colon, and the API Token, with no spaces in between, i.e. “apiKey:apiToken” (without the speech marks). A sample header with a API Key of “john” and API Token of “drowssap” will have the following value: Authorization: Basic am9objpkcm93c3NhcA== The base64 of the following string is obtained: “john:drowssap”. So base64 of “john:drowssap” is am9objpkcm93c3NhcA==.
Keys and Tokens will be provided by Titlexchange at the time of integration.