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Australia’s online conveyancing marketplace

Simply put, conveyancing is the act of transferring a property title from the seller to the buyer. Traditionally, the conveyancing industry in Australia is a lot like the wild west: there’s huge price variations, communication from the conveyancer is gibberish and causes the consumer stress and anxiety, and there’s huge variances in the service provided. The conveyancers office is also a big, black hole…you have no idea what’s going on. Not to mention, 1 in 5 settlements in Australia are delayed...

Whether you are a buyer or seller of property, Titlexchange solves these problems. It is a marketplace that matches those needing conveyancing services with a local conveyancer and provides a flawless experience for the key stakeholders to the property transaction. It works like this:

  • No more huge price variation – we set the conveyancing fee.
  • Once you’ve selected Titlexchange, you’ll be provided access to your own unique portal and asked to pay the fee for your conveyancing services, provide us certain information, and verify your identity. This is all done online.
  • Then, we’ll match you to a conveyancer based on your location. You then communicate directly with them.
  • No more big, black hole – we pay the conveyancer only as they meet milestones in your conveyancing transaction, and you communicate with them in your portal. Now, everyone knows what’s going on…including Titlexchange. This ensure they’re motivated to complete the work quickly for you.
  • Once your property transaction settles, we ask you to provide feedback.

Elegantly simple.

Conveyancers are only able to exist in the Titlexchange marketplace if they meet all the following criteria:

  1. They must be a licensed conveyancer or conveyancing lawyer;
  2. They must have the appropriate insurances;
  3. They must have at least 3 years’ conveyancing experience; and
  4. They must maintain at least a 4-star rating average over their last 3 conveyancing jobs in the marketplace.

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