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Simply, conveyancing is the act of transferring a property title from the seller to the buyer. However, most Australians don't transact property every day and therefore don't have a relationship with a conveyancer they can call on. How do you know what a quality conveyancer looks like and whether they have the right experience, and how do you know if they're charging an appropriate price....what is an appropriate price?? This may be the biggest financial transaction of your life and you need to trust them.

Titlexchange solves these problems for you. We've vetted conveyancers all over Australia to ensure they're of the highest quality and match you to one near you. We've also negotiated a fixed fee with them so they won't charge you any more than that amount. Plus, they must then average at least a 4-star rating to stay on our network. That's a solution you can trust.

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