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8 Interior Design Trends to look out for in 2017

With technology blooming, the emergence of a New Year is overseeing the rejection of the old in place of more dynamic and intriguing trends in interior design.

The Colour Movement: With neutral colours stealing the scene over recent years, 2017 will see the rise of a youthful trend, with bolder uses of colour. Many designers have speculated dark green will be the statement colour of the year, with navy being on the decline. It is also likely that neutrals such as soft pinks or blues will be used to accompany and balance other stronger pops of colour.

Mixed Materials: With older generations cynically calling millennials scatty and eclectic, this will be reflected with the mixing of materials adorning walls, ceilings and surface areas. Interesting materials, tiles and patterns will be mixed to create eye-catching statements that make visitors say ‘wow’. However, it is not a scatty process at all; designers will look to strategically mix these material to create an unconventional focal point and highlight a point of interest.

Rugs as art: 2017 is certainly not destined to be a dull year with homeowners looking to use rugs as a go-to-trend for making an impact. Styles will change with a mix of sizes, colours and texture; allowing for endless possibilities in transforming a room. We use walls – why not the floor too?

Feminine Redone: With strong being named the new beautiful, the feminine aesthetic is no longer simply about being ‘pretty’, but will also see bold architectural details and lines, mixed with soft colours and feminine shapes.

Maker Movement: More than simply the aesthetic, this year will oversee a consumer trend towards personalisation and one-offs with independent design reflecting the rise in demand for quality and unique styling. Also in an increasingly environmentally aware society, there is a likelihood that these makers will rely on local and raw materials to design these pieces.

Classics Revisited: Although innovation appears to be taking over 2017, the Australian hipster culture is still alive and well. This will see new materials, colours and textures being used to revamp classic styles in a playful approach to design.

Innovative lighting: With technology becoming the norm, LED and other interesting technology will be used as a quirky way to create a design showstopper.

Escapism: With busy and rampant urban lives, hopes of living in spacious retreats will see homes creating an urban oasis. This may occur through the use of an outdoor area, or simply relaxed furniture or materials like linens.

Don’t get caught behind: As 2016 is left behind, you don’t want to be left there as well. The following is a short list of some of the previous trends that are likely to be dismissed this year.

– Copper

– Marble

– Navy

– Open plan living

– Quote Artworks Healy

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