Buying & selling¬†property is cool…conveyancing isn’t.


Simple Pricing

Our prices are fixed, national and enable the client to choose exactly what additional services they want. No hidden fees, no surprises, and the consumer has complete transparency and control. 

Off the Plan


+ disbursements

If you are buying real estate off-the-plan then this is the service you need. Our experts will guide you through the process every step of the way.

Home / Apartment


+ disbursements

Our most comprehensive package. Let Titlexchange take the stress out of buying or selling your property. This is designed for existing properties and titled land only.

Title Transfer


+ disbursements

When you are transferring the title on property to a spouse or family member, Titlexchange provides a fast reliable service.

It's about time someone made conveyancing simple and painless.


Avoid all the complexity. Finally a system you can use with pricing you can understand.


Nobody enjoys conveyancing. Choose your package, provide your information and check your inbox. It's that simple and all online.

Cost Effective

Don't pay more than you have to for conveyancing. Titlexchange does more for less.

“ANZ being the worst bank I've ever dealt with caused delay upon delay upon delay and Titlexchange kept at them consistently and even once the ombudsman was involved continued to keep me and the ombudsman informed every step of the way! Can't rave enough about these guys!”

Tony Kovac

“Titlexchange handled the transfer of my property. It was simple, quick and efficient. There were so many options and prices but in the end I liked the set price from Titlexchange. I don't use lawyers often and wasn't looking forward to this part of buying my house, but it worked out well. I recommend using Titlexchange for any property transaction, based on my experience.”


“Excellent experience. They have completed work with a number of our clients and all reports have been outstanding. Very easy and simple process that makes any buyer feel comfortable and safe. I highly recommend.”

James HandGeneral Manager | Latitude Real Estate

“Nothing was too much trouble. Looked after everything, followed up with the slow vendor, even went out of the way to meet me to exchange documents. A pleasure to work with and I felt I could totally trust them to handle the property purchase for me. Thank you!”

Judy Crigan

“Very fast, friendly and helpful. Highly recommend”

Jeremy Chen
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